Envirotaz's Layout Progress Report

This page was last updated on June 07, 2003!

June 7, 2003--The layout room is coming along.  It will be built in two phases due to the high cost of insulating the area over the garage properly.  The first pohase was the build out of the area above my dining room.  This is a 8' x 14' area with a 5' x 5' sqare coming off to one side making it an "L" shape.  This area will eventually join the garage area for a combined total of a room with the approximate dimensions of 14' x 28'.  I will be posting a drawing of the room dimensions hoefully in the next month or two.  I have decided to continue to model in HO despite my inner desires to transition to N scale.   This decision was made in part because of the amount of HO equipment I have, and when I think about what is more important to me, I have come to conclude that less layout with more detail is more important to me than larger layout and more realistic operation.   Again, this is a personal choice.  I need to get going to bed now, but I will try to keep this page updated more regularly. --Envirotaz



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