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Welcome to Envirotaz's Layout Page!

     Well, the ghosts of my past have finally caught up with me.  Based upon a request from my youngest son to have mountains on our layout, and the haunting images of the black and orange diesels running through my mind, I have decided to model the Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad.   I kept finding myself trying to work the Rio Grande into the layout equation, and it finally won!  I believe that I want to model a slightly free-lance Rio Grande, from Denver to somewhere west and including the Craig branch.  I am still working on formulating an idea for the area modeled, but I am sure that it will come soon enough.   I have been trolling around the internet and have found some very interesting and useful Rio Grande websites.  Kudos to all of you who are working hard at keeping the memory of the "Grande" alive!  The time frame of modeling that I am considering is the late 80's to early 90's.  Incidentally this coincides with the time in my life that I was involved with the real Rio Grande in Denver.  I will keep you posted as things develop! --Envirotaz

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